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You should experience an increased power of focus along with a sense of calm even in environments of known to disrupt your cool and attention.



Ashwagandha supplementation has been strongly associated with significant increases in muscle mass and strength.


Cardiovascular Endurance

VO2 Max defines the aerobic work capacity of a person (their body's ability to use oxygen during exercise) and it is used as an indicator of peak top-end fitness. Improving VO2 max is increasing the height of your 'ability ceiling'.



Ashwagandha root is neuroprotective and neuroreparative in neuronal cells. This is a component that has the ability to target factors involved in brain injury and long-term symptoms of concussions by suppressing neuroinflammation.


Chronic stress often is associated with feeling brain foggy, abnormally fatigued and waking up in the morning slowly. WA improves sleep since cortisol levels are lowered improving sleep quality and latency (the time it takes you to drift off). Those that use WA report a rapid change in energy and motivation, you will know WA is in your system when you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and eager to 'get up and at em'.




Drive as an emotion is linked to levels of the hormone testosterone in both men and women. In both sexes, it is the hormone that makes you enjoy hard work or the grind(Huberman 2021).


A 90-day pilot study, conducted at five infertility centres in Mumbai, India, involved 46 male patients between 22 and 40 years of age with low sperm counts. Like CONKA formula full spectrum WA was used.


Hormone levels were evaluated at the end of treatment and reported (Ambiye et al., 2013):

  • 17% increase in serum testosterone.

  • 167% increase in total sperm count.

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