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We are proud to announce a major update to our CONKA app. We have integrated CognICA, an FDA and CE-approved cognition test used in clinical settings to diagnose dementia, which can detect minute changes in cognition.

CognICA was developed by Cognetivity Neurosciences, a spinout from Cambridge University dedicated to bettering people's understanding of their brain health and empowering them to take it into their own hands.

It is a simple and easy test that takes only three minutes to do and is based on a concept called animacy. Users are shown an image for a fraction of a second and are asked to categorise it as either animal or non-animal. Between each image, there is a 'scramble' which allows the brain to reset and prepare for the following image.

Studies have shown that humans have a strong reaction to animal stimuli. The human brain is very sensitive to images of animals due to the 'food or fear' factor. This test targets specific brain areas first affected in the early stages of neurodegenerative disorders.

A healthy human brain can process images of animals in less than 200 ms.

By using animal imagery, the CognICA test has been generalised to serve all populations, removing any language or culture biases. Even non-human primates can perform animacy tests like CognICA. Additionally, users cannot manipulate the system or figure out how to 'outsmart' the test, which ensures more accurate cognitive monitoring compared to traditional tests.

CognICA also utilises AI to give accurate and rapid results that can detect even the most minor changes in cognitive function. AI cross references your score with all scores associated with healthy or impaired brains that have taken the tests previously to give you an accurate and instant idea of where your cognitive function is.

"Working with CONKA means we can not only detect tiny changes in cognition, but we can empower users to track their cognitive performance actively." – Tom Sawyer, Cognetivity Nuerosciences COO

Integrating this into CONKA allows us to provide you with a more precise assessment of your cognitive function. Track your progress across all four tests and see your CONKA at work.

To try it yourself, download the app today and sign up for your first month of CONKA free.

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