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Discover, track, and compete with the all-new CONKA App.

At CONKA, we wanted our customers to not only feel the difference but see the difference. We designed an app that specialises in tracking how effective CONKA is in improving the way your brain works.

You track the weights you lift in the gym, the splits you hit on runs and the watts you generate on an exercise bike, so why don't you measure your cognitive performance?

The CONKA app is for those who want to improve their cognitive performance. It is an app to test, track and compete with your cognitive function. Use the app together whilst taking CONKA and test your memory, focus, and reactions to build your CONKA score. Set reminders to test and take your CONKA. Track your cognition over the week, month, and season to better understand when you are operating at your best. Create and join tribes to compare yourself to your friends, peers and teammates.

The neuroscience-approved tests used to measure cognitive performance among contact sport athletes inspired the memory, focus, and reaction tests. Take the tests before or after you take your CONKA to see it at work.

The tracking feature will give you an overview of how your cognitive function is improving over time so you can understand how to be on top of your game more often. Breaking down the data by memory, focus, and reactions gives you an idea of your cognitive performance.

A good metric of performance is how you do relative to those around you. The leaderboard feature allows you to benchmark yourself against friends and teammates who have created a CONKA Tribe. The leaderboard also helps keep you consistent; if you haven’t tested in 3 days, you are moved to the bottom to make testing more competitive and fun.

We would rather show you than tell you about the difference CONKA will make. Head to the App Store and download our app today to get started. While there, take advantage of our launch deal and claim a free month's supply of CONKA from within the app.

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