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Informed Sport and What that means.

The CONKA team is happy to announce that Informed Sport has officially approved and certified us as safe for use in professional sports.

We decided to move forward with this certification as it ensures our product's authenticity, integrity and safety.

This means we have sent CONKA to the Informed Sport facilities to be tested. There, they ran tests to confirm that no banned substances are used, that our labels have met the legal requirements and that our product ingredients are accurate.

Whether you’re an athlete competing at a professional level who may have random drug tests or just someone cautious of what they’re putting into their body, having Informed-Sport on board enables us to certify the purity of CONKA.

So, who is Informed Sport?

Informed Sport is a testing and certification program designed to check that sports supplements and nutritional products are free from banned substances and contaminants that could lead to positive drug test results for athletes. Athletes, sports organisations, and teams often use this program to verify the safety and quality of their supplements and products.

And how does it work?

  1. Submission: CONKA is sent to Informed Sport for testing before they are sold.

  2. Quality Control: Informed Sport’s scientists assess the product for the presence of banned substances and contamination. They check that the product label accurately represents what's in it. Our manufacturing and storage facility is assessed to investigate whether it upholds the highest standards.

  3. Certification: If a product passes all tests and meets the program's criteria, it receives the Informed Sport certification. This certification indicates that the product is considered safe to be used by athletes.

  4. Follow-up: On an ongoing basis, Informed Sport will blindly purchase CONKA online and repeat the testing procedure.

  5. Batch Testing: Some organisations, teams, or athletes may request batch testing of specific product batches to ensure ongoing quality and safety.

The Informed Sport Certification gives CONKA’s elite athletes the validation, trust and assurance that what they are putting in their bodies is tested and safe.

What does that mean for CONKA?

Informed Sport is widely recognised and respected within the sports and anti-doping communities for its commitment to helping athletes make informed choices about the supplements and products they use. Knowing this gives our consumers confidence that the products have been rigorously tested for substances prohibited in sports.

It’s also not just a one-time thing. Every batch we produce is run through the 5 steps and tested for the highest quality standards.

At CONKA, we take pride in keeping all our ingredients 100% natural and advantageous to our consumers' health. Partnering with Informed Sport ensures we remain accountable to our mission, Advancing Human Potential.

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