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Introducing CONKA V23

As a company, CONKA listens. We listen to experts, our scientists, our brains, and our athletes. Listening to our athletes led us down the path to developing CONKA V23. They wanted a product they could take any time, anywhere, and that was fast-acting. CONKA V23 is an all-natural cognitive-enhancing drink that can be used any time of the day.

Mental Clarity When It Matters Most.

We needed to create a liquid nootropic with scientifically accurate dose ranges that would activate rapidly in the brain.

The product has to be compatible with professional athletes, so V23 has been designed to function without using any alcohol to carry the active ingredients into the bloodstream and across the blood-brain barrier.

Head injuries happen in an instant, so our athletes demanded something that could be taken for an immediate cognitive enhancing effect. With all that in mind, we went to our team at Durham University to create it. With some clever chemistry and testing, the final result is a liquid that can be taken twice a day, straight or with water, with breakfast or on the sidelines, with a unique lemony flavour to give you the raw taste of CONKA.

Feel The Difference Faster.

For those who want a fast-acting liquid version of our 8-capsule per daily dose original CONKA product, V23 gives our customers a choice of how they take their CONKA. V23 is the same patented formula as our capsules, just in a different form It is a convenient way for customers who are on the go to be able to take their CONKA.

Every V23 order comes with a monthly supply (420ml) of V23 and dropper bottles to take with you while you are on the go. Claim your first month at half price, or start with your first month of the capsules free.

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