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For Professional Athletes

How This Works...


Choose Your Memebership


Download the app & record your baseline.


Join your tribe, test weekly & receive progress reports.

Do You Know When You Are At Your Best?

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A brain mapped to your lifestyle

How CONKA works


CONKA charges brain cells up. Brain cells have mitochondria that are the power sources, with ATP as their fuel. Formula components synergize, enhancing cell efficiency for mental stamina and extended focus.


CONKA acts as a brain lubricant, by reducing the availability of a chemical that breaks down a key neurotransmitter called acetylcholine (ACh). This means there is more ACh available supporting fast interbrain communication and reaction speed.


CONKA acts like fertilizer for the brain, just as muscles need protein to grow our brains need BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) – boosting this protein grows new connections quickly including memories.

Consistent is Competitive 

We will remind you.

Just like training your physical fitness, it is important to test your brain.

Set your schedule then stick to it, made easier with built-in customisable reminders.

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Be Brain


Ongoing Optimisation

Use it or you'll lose it.

The key to neuroprotection is starting to take measures early in life, this is called building a 'cognitive reserve'. 

Stimulating the brain is best done in a competitive environment, forming groups, challenging your peers and training your mental fitness all the way to the top.

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