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We Make The Brain Perform Better

Natural Ingredients. Scientifically Assembled. Tracked With Technology.

Unleash Your Potential

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What Does CONKA Do?

Improve Performance in Challenging Environments
Enhance Learning & Memory
Protect the Brain from Physical & Chemical Injury
No Side Effects
Reinforce Learned
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How Subscriptions Work

Choose your membership

Download CONKA app & record your baseline brain status.

Receive CONKA Supplement

Track your progress using CONKA, compete against peers, receive brain reports.

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Track your progress.

A tool to understand how your lifestyle affects your brain performance.

Tailor your behaviours to maximise your performance in challenging environments, track the CONKA formula working over time, and learn how to be on top of your game.

For Body and Mind


More knowledge at your disposal when it matters. 


Remain at your sharpest in any environment.

Reaction Time

Respond faster when confronted with challenges,


Feel the benefits of calmness and positivity,


We only get one brain.


Maintain performance throughout the day.


Alex Lundberg

"I am finding it easier to concentrate for longer, I have more mental clarity and can do more than I typically would and still feel on top of things"

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Charlie Woodman

"Since I started taking CONKA I've noticed a huge improvement in my focus and concentration and would 100% recommend it to anyone. It's super easy and convenient to take as well."


Telusa Veainu

"It's not just something that helps us play well, but to have less fatigue outside of training means I can be more than an athlete."

CONKA natural food supplement for brain health brain performane cognition and cognitive maintenance
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