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Humphrey Bodington and Harry Glover met at university where they discovered not just a shared interest in sports playing in the same team, but a camaraderie that would ignite a transformative journey.


As teammates for three years, they navigated the highs and lows of competitive contact sports and learnt to manage the inevitable injuries that came with it. 


Playing at a high level meant expert advice was in abundance, and they were typically well equipped for rehab yet noticed a difference when the rehab was brain focused.


A turning point arrived when Humphrey chose to switch gears from rugby to endurance sports having been frustrated with lingering concussion symptoms.


Using the Neuroscientists at Durham University they delved into the possibility of using brain-enhancing nutrition to improve the outcome of his monthly cognition tests, a standard procedure for any athlete with post-concussion syndrome. 


During his preparation for an Ironman challenge, he noticed the supplement initially devised by university neuroscientists for cognitive repair not only aided the cognition test results but also physical recovery and motivation.


Harry's experience representing Team GB at the 2020 Olympic Games paralleled this journey.


Amidst fellow high-achievers, he noticed both the untapped potential of knowing when and how to be on top of your cognitive performance.


With neuroscientists and software engineers, they decided to focus on being able to not only develop a natural formula to improve the way the brain functions but also to be able to accurately track the improvements in brain function within high-pressure environments.


Drawing from their university days and armed with Humphrey's brain scans and cognitive data, the new endeavour was brought to life by a series of successful scientific trials.


This left the founders curious about the true limits of human potential especially when the most important organ in the body is optimised and progressive trained to perform in challenging environments.

Professor Paul Chazot

Professor Paul Chazot

An award-winning professor of neuropharmacology at Durham University. Developing six new clinical development programmes in the past 30 years, two for Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS).

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