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"Using targeted nutrients is a critical factor to recovering from a head injury and repairing neurons."

Dr Kabran Chapek

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To Take

  1. Professionally stacked nootropic supplement is best

  2. Find off the shelf nootropics:

  • Omega 3 Fish Oils

  • Turmeric

  • Creatine

  • Green Tea

  • Vitamin D

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To Avoid

  1. Contact Sports​

  2. Activities that spike symptoms

  3. High Sugar Diet 

  4. Stress - mentally and physically

  5. Bright lights, noise

  6. Excessive use of screens

  7. Strong pain medication

  8. Alcohol

  1. Ketogenic Diet: The brain wants a high amounts of good fat and low carbohydrate in a venerable state.

  2. Sleep: conduct a healthy regular sleep pattern

  3. Float Tank & Acupuncture Therapy

  4. Your Neurological examination should include:

  • CBC - Cognition Balance and Coordination 

  • VOMS -  Vestibular Oculo-Motor System, a tool designed to test integrated vision, balance, movement

  • BCT - Baseline Cognitive Testing​Brain Imaging

  • Brain Imaging - if your concussion was severe

To Do

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