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Don't take the long road, avoid repeat injury at all cost.

If you get another brain injury that happens during the recovery process the immunological response is stuck in action mode, the toxic cascade continues and neuronal damage mounts.


If you are going to take one thing from us at CONKA it should be to avoid repeat injury.

Foggy Forest

Constantly activating the immune system causes Amyloid Bata Plaques (ABP) to build up outside of neurons and in between glial cells.


These plaques disrupt glycolysis, the brain's production of energy, and causes more reactive oxygen species (ROS) to be released.


Their presence also activates even more microglia which tries to remove the amyloid beta plaques sending more proinflammatory signals to the immune system, causing the cascade to continue, adding to the extent of brain damage.

ABP and tau tangles are two hallmark features of neurodegenerative diseases 

Head injuries can will speed up the ABP build up  leading to a condition known as CTE  (symptoms akin to Alzheimer's and Dementia)
ROS are a type of unstable molecule that contains oxygen and that easily reacts with other molecules in a cell. A build up of reactive oxygen species in cells may cause damage to DNA, RNA, and proteins, and may cause cell death. (Reactive oxygen species are also referred to as free radicals.)
Microglia are the primary innate immune effector cells of the central nervous system (CNS).
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