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10 Reasons Why Capsules Work

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🔬EFFICACY - Flavorings and sweeteners for alternative delivery methods affect human growth hormone (HGH) production. HGH is essential when repairing brain damage or supporting neuronal growth.

🔬EFFICACY - The science team can maintain dynamism on the formula dosage size during the trials. We began with 14 capsules daily keeping the formula components separate, this meant Dr Paul Chazot (Head of Formula Design) could identify which formula element needed adjusting for maximum efficacy. Now each component of the formula is blended into 6 capsules for a daily dose and tested for stability improving the ease of consumption. Scientific validation is the most important thing about what we do, we do not sell anything but the exact products that we have tested within controlled scientific trials.

🔬EFFICACY - Our formula in capsules does not break you out of a fasted state. Fasting and achieving a state of ketosis is a well-known cognitive enhancement practice that has consciously and unconsciously

been done for millennia.

🥇 CERTIFICATION & 🔬 EFFICACY- Herbal extracts cannot meet an Informed-Sport Certification (a stamp showing that it

won't return a positive drugs test in sport). Tinctures and other delivery methods are by definition extracts. CONKA uses whole herbs, which also improves efficacy as just using one bit of a herb (an extract) might be taking out a valuable element that helps the active component become bioavailable. Science doesn't yet know what role each element within a component plays but since herbs are found whole in nature CONKA delivers it encapsulated but whole to you. No extracts allowed.

📈 MARGINS - Capsules are lightweight and small so the packaging qualifies universally as a large letter. A one-month subscription to CONKA fits within a 150g pouch, meaning that you pay less.

📈 MARGINS - Caps have a 3-year shelf life, tinctures by comparison only 4 months, if you forget to take CONKA then it will still be there for you when you remember. Forgetting is not recommended and is less common with a CONKA Membership.

🌱 ENVIRONMENT - The monthly pouches are fully recyclable.

🚀CONVENIENCE - The pouch fits through a letterbox and needs no recipient signature, we can deliver to you when you are not home.

🚀AGILE MANUFACTURING - lead times are fast for capsule production & 60% of our formula is indigenous to the United Kingdom. This means we can make sure we are always stocked so you never have a bad day.

🔊 CUSTOMER FEEDBACK - Primary research on 100 athletes shows that capsules are the preferred delivery method.

Do you like Capsules?

  • A Few Capsules

  • A Scoop and Shake

  • A Shot or two a day

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